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Staff training day 4!
Reading the chimney!
Staff training day 3!
Getting ready for staff training!
ASOSU Cabinet at the Student Sustainability Center:
Name: Ravi Patel
Title: Executive Director of Government relations
Favorite food: no answer
Favorite Actress: Jessica Alba
Favorite Book: no answer
One leader/activist that has inspired you: Baghat Sing
Andy Derringer
Executive Chief of Ops
What is your favorite food?
Greek or Thai cuisines
Who is your favorite Actor/Actress?
Jason Bateman
What is your favorite book?
The dispossessed by Ursula luguin
Who is one leader/activist that has inspired you?
Bertrand Russel
Get to know your ASOSU student government 
Name: Ali Godil
Position: Executive Secretary

What is your favorite food ?
My moms indian food, specifically this dish called “Haleem”

Who is your favorite actor/actress?
Hollywood: Al Pacino or Kevin Spacey
Bollywood: Shah Rukh Khan

What is your favorite book?
The prophet by Khalil Gibran

Who is one leader/activist that has inspired you?
Mahatma Gandhi, his non-violent resistance changed the world. 
Name: Amelia Harris
Position: Executive Director of Services
Favorite food: Sriracha Hot Sauce
Favorite Movie:  Revolutionary Road
Favorite Book: “Kafka Comes to America: Fighting for Justice in the War on Terror” by Steven Wax
One leader/activist that has inspired you: Audre Lorde
Mission statement: 
The Ramadan fast-a-thon will be for others to realize the sacrifice of food, whether for religious purposes or forced by economic situations. By fasting as a community for one day, and then coming together to break our fast, we will better understand the spiritual conditions among the Muslim population and respect and assist them. The final banquet at the end of the day will be our time to unite as a community and feast while bringing donations for those who fast everyday without any choice of their own. 
Date: August 23rd @ 7:30 pm
Location: MU109
Price: FREE (Optional donation of non-perishable food item will be accepted by the Human Services Resources Center)
Free food will be provided
Come feast after fasting, and take part in the experience of better understanding Muslims and the spiritual community as a whole.
We will break bread and then have an in depth discussion to demystify Ramadan. (The Muslim Holy month)
A brief talk and student panel will be held about Ramadan after dinner.